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Events with drones: Bahía Príncipe Fantasy

Events with drones: Bahía príncipe Fantasy

This was a special event at the Bahía Principe Punta Cana Resort, in which the open a new section of the hotel called Fantasy, all themed around fantasy for kids and teenagers. This video was made as a presentation for the new area, showing the big main pool, the castle in the middle and the elements of the theme they’re going for. 

To be able to capture the new installations, the hotel wanted to count with the aerial photography and video of the Visual Flight RD’s drones. We work in collaboration with the local studio Tropicone, specialists in video and edition to get a montage that sum up the openeing event. With a very cinematographic quality, we captured the big pool with the castle in the middle that has become the icon of the Fantasy area. To really show big portions of land like this, the best option is always drone video by Visual Flight RD.