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Weddings with drones: Barcelo Palace Deluxe

Weddings with drones: Barcelo Palace Deluxe

In this wedding video the main goal was to show the hotel installations and altar settings.

Everything starts with sunset images, taken with the camera drone, of the Barcelo Palace Deluxe Punta Cana hotel. These shots help to set a very romantic mood and to see where the wedding took place. During the bride’s entrance, we follow her almost exclusively with the drone, this way we can see her along with the corridor, the pool and the alter carpet. 

The whole setting of the wedding ceremony and the hotel can be easyly seen with aerial photography. At the end of the video we can see the bride and groom with the guests at the beach. To really show the beauty of a beach wedding, a drone photographer is in order. Not only to take pictures of everybody at the ceremony at once, but to get unique pictures.

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